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The Development Corporation plays a major role in creating career opportunities through the recruitment of new industries and assisting businesses with retention and expansion.


Workforce Center

Established in 2018, the Workforce Center is a public space aimed to assist businesses with recruiting and retention as well as job seekers with finding gainful employment.

Workforce Services

Job Seekers



  • Application Assistance 

  • Referrals

  • Job Searches

  • Resume Building

  • Cover Letter Writing

  • Coaching & Training

  • Community Questions

  • Listing job openings

  • Candidate searches & referrals

  • Creating job descriptions

  • Representation at select job fairs

  • Training programs

  • Community information packets & tours for new or potential employees

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9:00AM-12:00PM & 1:00PM-4:00PM

Appointments preferred.

Retention & Recruiting Coordinator

​​If you are a business with a job opening or an individual in the job market, contact Kara for assistance.

​Key Focuses:​

  • Employee Recruiting

  • Job Searches

  • Retention in Barnes County

  • Workforce development

Kara Anderson

"I met Kara the day before my onsite interview at the workplace. She was one of the first people I met and with whom I learned about the city and culture firsthand. She arranged for me to take an hour-long tour of the community, assisting me in navigating my way through the city and making me feel at ease and accustomed to every new place we passed. During the tour, she provided me with as much information as possible, particularly about essential services and other important factors that I might require on an daily basis, to help me feel more settled."

- Eagle Creek Software Services Recruit


VCBCDC is dedicated to assisting with employer-defined workforce training needs.


We've held multiple welding and softskills classes, and we'd love to hear of any additional training services you may need! Please reach out to

Available to new or existing primary sector businesses to train new hires.

Learn More

ND Job Service.png

New Jobs Training Program

State-supported courses and training for virtually all industries. 

Learn More


Designed to expand internships and work experience  with North Dakota employers.

Learn More


Available to new or existing primary sector businesses to train new hires.

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A federally funded program that provides training assistance to eligible individuals.

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Training on a variety of topics including mental health, suicide, community resources, disasters, volunteerism and self-care.

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A training and information hub for child care providers.

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