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Leading economic vitality through retention, expansion and attraction, we work diligently with businesses and the greater community to reach your full potential. Equally important, we prioritize quality of place, workforce, education, training and talent attraction.

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Our local realtors are not only great to work with, they also have a deep understanding of the current availability of commercial properties as well as what might be available in the future.  

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Valley City established industrial and technology parks to assist and locate new and growing companies, create career opportunities and capitalize on the region's talented workforce.

We are looking for growing companies with whom we can partner. We will work with you to understand and help solve business problems. We have the experience. Whether your company is engaged in advanced manufacturing or technology, we're ready!

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Financing & Incentives

Economic Development Funds

  • City sales tax and County Mill levy provide funds to primary sector businesses.

  • Can be used for equipment, real estate, working capital, job training costs and other specific needs.

Property Tax Exemption

  • Up to 100 percent property tax exemption (except land) for a maximum of 5 years.

  • Production of agricultural commodities are eligible for an extended property tax exemption of up to 100 percent for up to 5 additional years. 

PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)

  • Program can be used in addition to, or in place of, the property tax exemption. 

  • Project operator and municipality negotiate the amount of payment and the period of time which the payments will be made

  • Maximum benefit not to exceed twenty (20) years from the date project operations begin

Renaissance Zone

  • Qualified projects can receive property and income tax exemptions of 100 percent for five years if investors develop or enhance properties in the Renaissance Zone. 

  • Tax credit is allowed for income tax purposes or financial institution tax purposes for making an investment in the preservation or renovation of zone project property consisting of historic property and for investment in a Renaissance Fund Corporation. 

    • Credit is equal to 50 percent of the amount invested during the tax year.  If the credit exceeds the taxpayer’s tax liability for the tax year in which the investment is made, the amount of the credit in excess of the tax liability may be carried forward and used in the five tax years following the tax year in which the investment is made.

Tax Increment Financing

  • Future additional property taxes generated by improved property are used to finance the cost of land acquisition and improvements including infrastructure and site preparation.


Business Climate

A broad range of industries paired with a respected workforce creates the perfect opportunity for business growth.



  • Valley City: 6,559

  • Barnes County: 10,806

  • North Dakota: 774,948


Median Age

  • 43.5


Labor Force

  • 5,121

Population Age Groups

  • Under 25: 29.9%

  • 25 to 44: 21.8%

  • 45 to 64: 25.2%

  • 65 and older: 23.1%

Average Annual Wage

  • Barnes County: $47,424

School Fall Enrollment

  • K-12 Public School: 1,407

  • Valley City State University: 1,658

Highest Educational Attainment

  • No HS Diploma: 5.8%

  • HS Diploma or Equivalent: 29.8%

  • Some College, No Degree: 21.0%

  • Associate's Degree: 12.9%

  • Bachelor's Degree: 22.5%

  • Graduate or Professional Degree: 8.0%

Race and Ethnicity

  • White: 93.7%

  • Black or African American: 1.7%

  • American Indian and Alaska Native: 1.7%

  • Asian: 1.1%

  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%

  • Other Race or Two or More Races: 1.8%

  • Hispanic or Latino: 2.4%

  • Not Hispanic or Latino: 97.6%

  Area Profile  

Per Capita Personal Income

  • Barnes County: $64,242

  • North Dakota: $60,541


Barnes County Land Area


  • Valley City: 3.14 square miles

  • Barnes County: 1,513 square miles


  • Average Winter Temp: 15 degrees F

  • Average Summer Temp: 76 degrees F

  • Average Annual Precipitation: 18.9 inches


Largest Employers in Barnes County

  • Open Door Center

  • Valley City State University

  • John Deere Seeding Company

  • Sisters of Mary of the Presentation

  • Valley City Public Schools

  • Barnes County

  • Sheyenne Valley Special Education unit

  • Leevers Super Valu

  • ND Dept of Transportation

Housing Units

  • Barnes County: 5,675
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