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Gain a broader reach!  We are proud to say our employment opportunities page is visited from all over the country. Visitor map below.

We meet face-to-face with job seekers! The Workforce Center is a public space aimed to assist businesses with recruiting as well as job seekers with finding gainful employment. We can't promote openings we don't know about!

We offer job description assistance!  Whether you're creating a description from scratch or looking for feedback on an existing description, we can help!

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The transparency and ease of including a salary range cannot be overlooked! At the end of the day, a job seeker needs to know if a position aligns with their financial needs and goals.

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Job seekers say compensation is the most important part of a job description.
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Valley City Young Professionals Network

An Employee Retention Tool

Recognizing the importance of retaining young professionals and fostering their growth, VCBCDC is pleased to express our support of the renewed Valley City Young Professionals Network (YPN) as a tool for employers to enhance retention efforts.

What YPN Does:

YPN was built for connection, engagement, and support of young professionals in our area. The group also works to activate talent in our region by providing various events throughout the year. This organization serves as a platform for members to build meaningful relationships, develop professionally, become active community members, and be the change they want to see happen in Valley City – Barnes County.

Why YPN Exists:

A core belief of Valley City’s YPN is the more informed, involved, and networked young professionals are, the more loyalty and buy-in they have in our community. In turn, the more a community is positively influenced by young professionals, the more it will attract and retain them.